Robin Maynard Smith
M.S. in Metaphysics, L.M.T., N.M.T., C.C.H., C.H.C

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Robin Offers One on One Zoom Calls

You may have been touched by one of Robin’s Prayer, Videos or Live Events. Receiving contributions from caring people like you allows her to create more, and make a difference for you, and others all over the world. Thank you for you generosity!

Energy Reading via Text options

Answers and Energy Alignments right at your fingertips.

1 Question

$ 50
  • Energy Reading
  • Energy Clearing
  • Energy Prayer
  • 1-2 Day Response

1 Question Plus

$ 97
  • 1 Question
  • Custom Bracelet
  • Energy Videos
  • Prayer Mailed
  • Added Surprise

3 Questions

$ 125
  • Energy Reading
  • 3 Energy Clearing
  • 3 Energy Prayers

Live Prayer Events

Robin goes live praying, and shifting energy that brings in health, vitality, and energy into the world. 

Robin does not charge for the events. If you wish to give back you can contribute financially, share with your friends and family, or write a review. 

Energy Healer

The energy that is sensed, felt, and seen in a session with Robin is then removed, released, and shifted from your mind, body, and energy. You will not only receive insight to what is going on, but also receive energy healing. Robin has been an Energy Healer for most of her life, she was a HSP even as a child, able to move people into letting go, and healing their life.


Connecting with your loved ones can be an important part of healing for you. Robin not only hears from the other side, but has been known to help many conceive by communicating with their future babies. Robin has received messages from loved ones that have passed over, but also from your Guides, God and Energy from your past lives and starseed energy.

Energy Medicine Practitioner

A student, teacher, and observer of vibrational medicine, and how it can help you. Throughout the last 2 decades Robin is a student, practitioner, and lover of energy medicine. Robin utilizes sound bowls, tuning forks, crystals, bio-scan, healy, tapping, prayer, energy work, and guidance from Source. Living her life to always bring you expansion and knowledge, by continuing to live and learn more.


You want to know what is going on in your current life, past life, and where your energy is in the present moment? Wanting to know how to move forward in life? Robin will give you that insight, knowledge, and ability to let go and heal. You have free will, it is important to look at this current moment in time to choose to let go of the past, change the future and heal this moment in time.

Energy Specialist

Energy is everything and everywhere. The universe and beyond is creating, destroying, and shifting energy all the time. Robin is able to feel the energy around you, and where it is in this current moment in time. She senses the energy of people, places and things, specializes in the energy of the person she is speaking with in the moment. She will tell you the energy of why your body hurts, or why you can't seem to let go of certain people in your life.

5 Generations of Energy Practitioners

From Robin's Grandmother to Mother, and now to her children and grand children, we have 5 generations of energy practitioners. By being surrounded by a family of seers, healers, and energy workers, it just makes the gifts stronger. We have a place to share, give insights and watch things happen first hand. We are not alone. Welcome to the family as well.